On Saturday 2nd August, Beth and her father Stuart joined over 13,000 other competitors to take on the iconic London Triathlon. Coming in at 1:41:30 and 1:41:00 respectively, they both swam 750m, cycled 20km and ran 5km – a huge achievement for anyone, especially for first time triathletes.

What’s more they have raised £1600 in sponsorship for United Response at the same time - £600 more than their target and there's still time to donate!

Beth and Stuart tell us about the challenges and triumphs of the day.

Beth: When we signed up 6 weeks ago, August felt like a lifetime away. Miraculously, I stuck to a training schedule and either swam, cycled or ran every day - I knew I had to if I was to be in with a chance of crossing the finishing line!

In the days leading up, I was a bag of nerves. As I jumped in the Victoria docks, the enormity of the challenge hit me - as well as a few arms and legs from the ‘washing machine’ effect of beginning a mass swim! This was the hardest bit - I was gasping for air and thought I would never see land again.

As I exited the water, I knew it would only get easier. The cycle and the run were hard but in my comfort zone. The support of the crowds spurred me on and lifted my mood and pace through the agonising stich and developing blisters!

Crossing the finishing line was elating. The feeling of achievement was unparalleled by anything I’ve experienced. It was time to make a final transition into comfier shoes to go and catch the start of my Dad’s race.

Stuart:  Taking on this challenge was a lot harder than I expected. I made the classic mistake of getting caught up with pre-race excitement and forgot to pace myself in the water. By 100m I was completely shot, thinking I’d blown it. But 100m swimming with my head above the water gave me time to catch my breath and build up a rhythm.

As I got out the water and felt the wobbly legs, it dawned on me that it was race day. The training prepared me well, at least it made sure I didn’t look like a numpty when I pulled off the wetsuit!

After a smooth first transition, I was soon on the road passing cyclists. It was slightly disconcerting to see an abandoned saddle in the middle of the road! My legs felt heavy as I started the run, the course was winding and felt very long as I was unable to see the route ahead.

What really helped was running past the charity supporter tents which reminded me of the support we’d been given through sponsorship – a huge motivator to keep the legs moving!

Crossing the finish line couldn’t have been more exhilarating and finding Beth knowing she had been through exactly the same was a welcome sight. Would I do it again? Ask me in 6 months (but secretly, yes I would. Without a doubt).

If you fancy taking on a sporting challenge like the Bridewell’s - check out our brand new events section. Whether you’d like to run, cycle, trek or even skydive we have something for you! Alternatively, if you’d like to take part in an event local to you on behalf of United Response, you can call Sarah on 0208 879 4987 for more information.