United Response submits evidence to official consultations when they're relevant to improving the lives of the people we support. 

If the Government needs expert information and information about policies affecting people with learning disabilities, autism, mental health conditions and other support needs, we will often provide written responses like those below.  

These written responses include information like case studies about some of the people we support and evidence based on the work we do around the UK. 

June 2018: Integrated Communities Strategy Green Paper (PDF). - submission from United Response

January 2018:  Provisional Local Government Finance Settlement (PDF)  - submission from United Response 

November 2017: Access to Elections (PDF) - submission from United Response

March 2017: Rethinking Disability at Work: Recommendations, polling data and key statistics (PDF) - report by the Centre for Social Justice

February 2017: Improving Lives: The Work, Health and Disability Green Paper (PDF) - submission from United Response

February 2017: DCLG & DWP consultation on Funding for Supported Housing (PDF) - submission from United Response

October 2016: Greater Manchester Work and Skills Strategy: Consultation (PDF) - submission from United Response 

August 2016: Communities and Local Government Committee Inquiry on Adult Social Care (PDF) - submission from United Response 

May 2016: Department for Work and Pensions Committee Inquiry (PDF) - submission from United Response

March 2016: Apprenticeships (PDF) - submission from United Response 

January 2016: Health Select Committee on the impact of the CSR on Health and Social Care (PDF) - submission from United Response

August 2015: Department for Work and Pensions Committee Work Programme Enquiry (PDF) - submission from United Response

May 2015: Green Paper 'No right ignored, no voice unheard' - response from United Response (PDF)

March 2015: Cap on Care Consultation (PDF) - submission from United Response

If you would like to find out more about any of these responses, or other consultations that may not be listed here, please email us: [email protected].