So what’s life like at United Response?  Here’s some of our team give you an insight.

 Glen has been a Support Worker for 3 years

“I get to support people to do great things like swimming, holidays, going to disco’s, shopping, carriage riding and learning to cook.”

Ramsay is a Team Manager

“United Response are a very supportive organisation, constantly challenging me to become the best I can.”

Sarah is a Senior Service Manager who has been with us for over 10 years.

“I’ve been able to work in different roles within the company which has given me the opportunity to get involved in different things, take on more responsibility and gain more experience, as well as a qualification.” 

Julia began her life at United Response as a Support Worker – she’s now a Divisional Director.

“I am very privileged to work alongside some great and inspirational people, both those who we support and colleagues. Colleagues genuinely get excited when talking about people they support and their achievements and I love that.”

The Way We Work

Our five values reflect what we are and how we do things:

We’re Creative – we feel encouraged and inspired to come up with new ideas, find and implement better ways of working and be resourceful in how we do our job

We’re Strong – we know we work for a well run organisation, with access to the necessary tools and support to do our job well.  We have the support of our manager in supporting people to achieve their goals and to challenge injustice.

We’re Honest – we are open and honest and we listen to different views.

We’re Responsive – we know what we do matters and we go the extra mile on behalf of people we support and colleagues.

We’re United – we value our people supporting them to work and achieve the best for themselves, the people we support and the wider organisation, working in a consistent and united way.