The surrounding neighbourhood and community can play a part in an individual and how you support them.

Our vision is a society where all people are equal participants, and have access to the same rights and opportunities as each other. This means that people, where their support needs, have the right to enjoy the good things in life, and have recognised and valued roles in their communities.

How we help

Our work involves providing a service with the aim of meeting individuals’ needs, but simply working with people as individuals is not enough. In order to support people to lead full lives, we need to build on our person-centred approaches by working with the communities and neighbourhoods where people live.

We need to take an interest in people who live there, find out what matters to them and learn how to build solutions together.

For professionals, we offer a Working with Communities guide which contains practical advice and case studies as well as our 50 Things You Can Do Right Now poster (PDF).

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