We have a number of free resources featuring our innovative approaches based off 40 years' experience of providing support.

These resources are designed for professionals interested in delivering high quality, effective support to the people in their care. You can read more about all of our best practice approaches.

Active Support

Active support is a way of providing assistance to people that focuses on making sure they are engaged and actively participating in all areas of life.

This 12 page guide outlines the essential components and strategies to provide active support.

Download our Active Support guide


Our Communication guide includes successful strategies for clearer communication and expresses how misunderstandings can happen. It also contains communication profiles, ways to simplify complex sentences, and more.

Download a PDF of our free Communication Resource

Working with Communities

Our 20-page guide contains information on how to help create more opportunities for disabled people to get involved in their community. The guide includes practical advice and case studies.

Download our Working With Communities guide

Further information

If you're looking for a video guide, we also offer a training DVD which illustrates best practice for person centred active support.

Watch a preview of our DVD

More best practice information

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