The first issue of Easy News featured a broad range of stories from the previous year to give the new readership a taste of what the first news magazine for people with learning disabilities would focus on.  

Easy News, Issue 1 featured: the Queen's Diamond Jubliee, Jeremy Hunt's appointment as Minister for Health, a Paralympic 2012 round up, news of government spending cuts and the Winterbourne View Scandal. 

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Issue 2 covered news from January to March 2013: the horse meat scandal, changes to Independent Living Fund (ILF), care at Staffordshire Hospitals, UK voting on Europe, Paralympian Oscar Pistorius charged with murder, Pope Benedict resigns his position due to ill health, Easy News launched in Scotland. 

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Issue 3 covered news fron April to May 2013: Former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher dies, Disability Living Allowance (DLA) introduced, UKIP third in local elections, high street shops use disabled models, terrorists bomb USA Marathon, North Korea missile threat and the new Pope is chosen. 

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Issue 4 covered news from June to July: British solider murdered in the street, Welfare Reform Bill announces possible cuts to benefits, new charity called Gig Buddies set up, Edward Snowden suspected of spying, deaths in Amercian tornados, companies employ austistic staff and the Queen's Speech.

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Issue 5 covered news from August to September: the birth of Prince George, world debates war in Syria, jail for parents who killed their son, Scottish Independence vote, government plans to get people with disabilities into work, rise in 'zero-hour' contracts, British women in drug arrest and Andy Williams wins Wimbledon Tennis Tournament.

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Issue 6 covered news from October to December: typhoon disaster in the Philippines, newspaper staff on trial for spying on people, Care Workers arrested for abusing people, terrorists attack Kenyan shopping centre, man with Down's syndrome finishes the New York City Marathon, and gas and electric bills go up.

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