Easy News Issue 7 covered news from late 2013 to February 2014: Nelson Mandela's death and his funeral, 3-year-old boy found dead in Scotland, 1000s homeless after UK floods, Russia Winter Olympics, police cleared in shooting of Mark Duggan, UK spending and Celebrity Chef loses court battle.

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The first Easy News Special focused on explaining The Chancellor of the Exchequer's Budget in March 2014:

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Easy News Issue 8 covered news from March to April: Crimea votes to Join Russia, Malaysian airplane goes missing, more people using food banks, death of Connor Sparrowhawk and worries about benefit changes. Issue 8 also features the first Quick News section covering Tony Benn's death, winners and loser from The Oscars and updates on the Drummer Lee Rigby murder trial.

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Easy News Election Special covering the European Elections in May 2014:Download the Easy News Election Special: EU Elections May 2014

Easy News Issue 9 covered news from May to June: an in-depth interview with Jon Snow and the Channel 4 news team, teacher killed in a British classroom, disasters in Turkey and South Korea, woman kills her children, fire at Glasgow art school. Quick news covered the BBC employing more disabled people, Thailand voting in a new government and the sad deaths of Stephen Sutton and Peaches Geldof.

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Easy News Issue 10 covered news from July to August: UK Athletes win at the Commonwealth games, Scottish Indepedence referendum, fighting in Iraq, Football World cup results, and Rolf Harris being jailed. Quick News covers the Wimbledon tennis results, Easy News winning a Charity Award, MH17 airplane crash and British althletes witha  learning disability winning medals at the European Championships.

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Easy News Special covering the results from the Scottish Referendum held in September 2014:

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Easy News Issue 11 covered news from September to October: MPs vote against the Government's 'bedroom tax', publication of report on Rotherham child abuse scandal, sick child taken abroad for treatment on brain tumour, black student shot dead in America, terrorist group kidnapping and killing people, Ebola in Africa and Scotland stays part of the UK. Quick News covered Giant Panda in Edinburgh loses baby, Oscar Pistorius trial results, the sad death of Robin Williams and the announcement of another Royal pregnancy. 

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Easy News Issue 12 covered news from November to December: millions of people visit the Tower of London Poppies, Tesco accused of fraud, the death of Alice Gross, Ebola crisis and appeal, along with a round up of the political party autumn conferences. Quick News covered anger over Lord Freud's comments, British tourists killed in Thailand, the Queen sending her first tweet, protests in Hong Kong and Alex Salmond stepping down as First Minister of Scotland and Leader of the Scottish National Party (SNP). 

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