Easy News Issue 13 covered news from January to February 2015: interviews with 3 MPs who speak on behalf of disabled people; Mark Harper, Kate Green and Paul Burstow. Issue 13 also covered news about 1st female Bishop in Church of England, winter crisis in hospitals, shootings in Paris, the Air Asia aeroplane crash and a final round-up of quick news - Australian cricket player dies, smoking in cars carrying children banned, more terriorists attacks and the Emoji symbol for love is 'word of the year'.

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Easy News Issue 14 covered news from March to April: schoolgirls run away to Syria, MPs cash for access scandal, Chelsea fans arrested over racist chants, unemployment figures go down, Ukraine and Russia stop fighting. Quick News covered the up and coming Budget, Mr Spock's death and Madonna falling over at the Brit Awards. 

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Easy News General Election 2015 Manifesto Special:
Making the 7 lead political parties general election manifestos accessible to all.

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Easy News Issue 15 covered news from May to June: the General Election 2015 results with Conservatives overall win,earthquake shakes Nepal, King Richard III given Royal burial, Prince Charles's private letters published, new Royal princess born and holiday company failed to keep children safe. Quick News covered Fifa officials arrest, Irish people voting 'Yes' to gay marriage and Harry Shearer leaves cartoon series The Simpsons.

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Easy News Special:
Budget July 2015 

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Easy News Issue 16 covered the news from July to August: terrorists kill holiday makers in Tunisia, Alton Towers roller-coaster crash, Greece's money problems, pupil stabbing his teacher in Bradford school, America allowing same sex marriage and the anniversary of the Magna Carta. Quick News covered the sad death of Cilla Black and 2nd World War hero Sir Nicholas, as well as celebrating a British man winning the Tour de France twice. 

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Easy News Issue 17 covered the news from September to October: the migrant crisis in Europe, plane crash in Sussex, new leader of the Labour party, terrorist attack stopped on French train, bomb attack in Bangkok. Quick News covered Wayne Rooney reaching 50 goals for England, British Athletics success at 2015 World Championships, Queen becoming longest-serving monarch and celebrating by opening new railway, as well as the Rugby World Cup coming to England. 

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Easy News Issue 18 covered the news from November to December: the terror attacks in Paris, 20th anniversary of Disability Discrimination Act, Talk Talk hacking scandal, Russian aeroplane crash in Egypt, British Steel factories closed, Kids Company charity closes. Quick News covered the Superblood Moon, Cadbury's Fruit and Nut chocolate bar changing its recipe and the New Bond film breaking box office records. 

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