Easy News Issue 19 covered the news from January to February 2016: astronaut Tim Peake walking in space, the global warming agreement, the junior doctors' strike, the new Star Wars film, the European referendum, celebrities sadly dying of cancer. Quick news covered Government losses on 'Bedroom Tax', the New Year's Eve attacks in Germany, the repair of the Forth Road Bridge and upcoming world sports events. 

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Easy News Issue 20 covered the news from March to April 2016: 
updates on the EU Referendum, the rise of homeless people in the UK, the American Presidential primaries, the terrorist attack in Brussels, Russian forces leaving Syria, the 2016 Budget. Quick news covered the Queen's 90th Birthday celebrations, the introduction of the first disabled lego figure, Leonardo Di Caprio winning his first Oscar, famous people sadly dying and an Englishman winning a USA golf tournament.

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Easy News EU Referendum Special: 
This special issue of Easy News removes the jargon, rhetoric and opinion from the political debate surrounding the EU Referendum. By using simple words and images, the special issue explains the key arguments for the “Britain Stronger in Europe” and “Vote Leave” campaigns, along with outlining what the referendum is, and what the EU does, so that people with learning disabilities can be better informed and engaged in the debate ahead of EU Referendumvote on Thursday 23rd June.

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Easy News Issue 21 covered the news from May to June/July 2016:
 the Hillsborough inquest, the UK's local election results, the Egyptian aircrash, natural events from around the world, an update on the Junior Doctor strikes, the British steel crisis. Quick news covered Sir David Attenborough's 90th Birthday, the sad death of Jo Cox, the Scottish golf club which banned women, Leicester winning the Premier League, and the EU Referendum result.

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Easy News Issue 22 covered the news from July to August 2016: the EU Referendum result, changes in UK politics since the referendum, the Labour Party leadership race, the Olympic and Paralympic Games, recent worldwide terror attacks, astronaut Tim Peake's return to Earth, the Black Lives Matter protests in the USA. Quick news covered Oscar Pistorius' sentencing, the Euro 2016 results, Messi's tax fraud case, Chris Evans quitting Top Gear and the winners of Wimbledon 2016. 

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Easy News Issue 23 covered the news from September to October: Olympic and Paralympic Games, the civil war in Syria, an update on UK politics, the closure of BHS, the US Presidential race and the bombings in New York. Quick News covered the earthquake in Italy, the Great British Bake Off moving to Channel 4, the Apple tax scandal, Sam Allardyce losing his job as manager of the England football team and the death of Lord Rix. 

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Easy News Issue 24 covered the news from November to December: 
the US election result, Brexit negotiations, Heathrow Airport getting a third runway, Jo Cox's murder trial, the closure of the Calais 'Jungle', UK prison problems. Quick news covered the appointment of the new England football manager, families beating the 'bedroom tax', Andy Murray becoming World Number 1, the death of Andrew Sachs and how Brexit is affecting shopping bills.  

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