Easy News archive 2017

Easy News issue 25 covered the news from January to February: the news of disabled people's problems using public transport, Donald Trump becoming President of the USA, President Trump's work during his first weeks in office, an update on Brexit, rail strikes in the UK and terror attacks around the world. Quick news covered Dippy the Dinosaur going on tour, the avalanche in Italy, Delta 7 releasing their first single, shock deaths over Christmas and Hull becoming the City of Culture in 2017. 

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Easy News issue 26 covered from March to April: 
the news of the snap general election, the Budget 2017, the Westminster terror attack, President Trump's first 100 days in office, the electronic devices ban on flights, humanitarian crises in Africa and the Middle East. Quick news covered the UK's new £1 coin, George Osborne's new job, the Queen's 91st birthday, Serena Williams having a baby and the deadline for voter registration in the general election.

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Easy News 2017 Manifesto Special:
the Easy News Manifesto Special aims to make the 2017 General Election easier to understand for people with learning disabilities. It summarises the key pledges made by the Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrats, Green Party, Plaid Cymru, the SNP and UKIP, in an unbiased, easy read format. Front cover of the easy news 2017 manifesto special

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Easy News issue 27 covered from May to June:
the news of the General Election 2017 results, the terror attacks in Manchester and London, the NHS cyber-attack, the BA computer crisis, the fire at London's Grenfell tower block. Quick News covered the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest, the death of Roger Moore and the result of the French Presidential election.
Front cover of Easy News

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Easy News issue 28 covered from July to August: 
an update on the Grenfell Tower disaster, baby Charlie Gard's court case, an update on UK politics, Brexit talks beginning, acid attacks, news on the relationship between the USA and North Korea. Quick news covered the new leader for the Liberal Democrats, the attack on the Egypt holiday resort, the new female Dr Who, pandas given to Germany and results from Wimbledon. Front cover of Easy News with image of Grenfell Tower

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Easy News issue 29 covered from September to October: 
the hurricanes in the Caribbean islands and the United States, the earthquakes in Mexico, the floods in India, Bangladesh and Nepal, the terror attacks in Barcelona, London and Las Vegas, the lift of the police pay cap, problems with Ryanair and Monarch airlines, the Rohingya crisis in Myanmar. Quick news covered Big Ben's repair works, self-driving lorries, the death of Sir Bruce Forsyth, Scotland's new bridge, and the changes to Universal Credit.

Front cover of Easy News issue 29

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Easy News issue 30 covered from November to December: 
Zimbabwe's new President, sexual harassment in Hollywood and the Government, Paradise Papers, Priti Patel losing her job, British woman Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe jailed in Iran, and Catalonia's call for independence. Quick news covered: Jupiter and Venus appearance, Blue Planet 2, calls to ban Coca-Cola Christmas truck, earthquakes in Iraq and Iran, and the Royal engagement.

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