Our general brochure describes everything we do to help you live the life you choose.

As part of our commitment to accessibility and to promoting the equality of people with learning disabilities, we have produced an easy read version of our general brochure. 

Easy read uses plain English and short sentences to explain a topic or statement. This approach makes even complex concepts easier to understand. Each sentence is matched up with an image that helps convey the gist of the message.

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Person centred support

The services we provide depend on each person we work with. We can provide 24-hour support for people with complex needs. We can job coach someone into work. We can provide outreach support for someone with a mental health need or work with people to be in control of the support they choose.

The key is that we work with each person to do the things they want to do, supporting them to communicate what they want and tell us how we are doing.

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