We were founded in 1973 and now support more than 3000 people across over 300 locations across England and Wales, working with over 60 local authorities.

We provide a wide range of support services and work with individuals or families with personal budgets.

Our expertise

We build our support around each person’s needs and wishes and review and adapt this support regularly. We use a variety of best practice tools, techniques and approaches to achieve this vision including our Foundations of Good Support.

We have trained experts in successfully supporting people with complex needs, challenging behaviour and moving out from long stay institutions to become more independent and become part of the local community.

We are leaders in the area of complex needs support. Specifically:

As a sector leader, we also produce a variety of best practice resources, which we share freely to encourage knowledge exchange and promote better support for people with disabilities.

You can also check out our current memberships and accreditations.

Employers and property owners

If you're interested in providing employment for people with learning disabilities, learn more about how we work with employers. If you own a property, you can discuss leasing your property with us as well.

Government professionals

If you would like to discuss utilising our services in your council, please use our contact form to contact us.

Best practice resources

We have several years’ experience in providing support and do our best to stay head of the curve in the area of best practice. We also produce and offer the following best practice resources for professionals.

We have developed a guide designed for professionals who observe services for people with learning disabilities and/or autism.

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