We provide a range of employment opportunities for people with disabilities in the Trafford and Greater Manchester area.

Supported employment: We can support people into employment in lots of different settings. We work with each person and the employer to make sure we get it right.

Social enterprise: We work with people to give them jobs at one of our social enterprises where they can put their skills and knowledge to good use - and get paid!

Supported employment in Trafford

We provide a service to Trafford Council to support adults with learning disabilities and autism into paid work. 

We work with each person to find out what sort of work they are interested in and to create a work profile for them. We also work in partnership with parents, carers, local colleges and employers. We always take people’s benefits into consideration.

Usually, to start with, we support people to find work placements. These tend to be unpaid and are usually for a fixed period. After this, we help people to negotiate permanent paid work. This does not necessarily mean full-time work. Some people may only want to work part time; others may start off only working a few hours and increase their hours once they are used to working.

Supported employment in Greater Manchester

We support young people aged 18-24 with learning disabilities, autism or mental health needs to find work through the Greater Manchester Talent Match programme.

We work with young people to produce a plan of how we will support them into paid full-time work. Through our person centred approaches, we work with individuals and local employers to overcome personal and practical barriers, and ultimately identify the right jobs for them - ensuring long-term success.

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Find out more about the Greater Manchester Talent Match programme

What we offer employers 

We can work with employers to find the right person for the openings they have!

A job coach works with each person to find out what kind of work they would like to do. That person is then matched to a suitable employer for a work placement. As the person becomes more confident in their work, this support is gradually reduced, until it is no longer necessary, and paid employment is negotiated. Throughout the process, both parties have access to our continued support at any time.

We are always looking to build relationships with local employers. If you are interested in working with us or want to know more, please get in touch via our dedicated 'How we work with employers' page.

How we work with employers & compelling reasons to employ a person with disabilities

The benefits of supported employment in action

Aishah was supported by United Response's Trafford employment service to get a job at the Lowry Vue cinema in Manchester. In this video, Aishah, her manager and a United Response support worker describe the process and the benefits for all involved:

Social enterprise in Trafford

We have two social enterprises in Trafford. These provide employment opportunities for people with disabilities in a setting that suits them.

Both services are run under the banner of UR in Business. They are a disability consultancy, UR Consultants, and UR Sorted, a mailing and fulfillment service staffed by people with learning disabilities.

If you'd like to find out more about UR in Business as a prospective employee, take a look at the UR Consultants and UR Sorted pages.

If you are an employer who is interested in working with us, please get in touch via our dedicated 'How we work with employers' page.

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