Disability hate crime is a huge issue for people we support across the country. Our yearly campaign aims to help victims spot the signs of a disability hate crime and empower them to report it to the police.

Our new map makes it easy to see how much disability hate crime was reported over the past two years. The map’s colours (yellow to red) show how many disability hate crimes were reported in each area, with red showing the highest number.

We worked with charity Leonard Cheshire to obtain Freedom of Information data on disability hate crimes for 39 regions. We believe that the data we’ve received is just the tip of the iceberg, with even more crimes committed than our map shows.

Enter a postcode at the top of the map to see how many disability hate crimes were recorded in a certain area of England or Wales. As you scroll over the map you will see the overall number of disability hate crimes reported to the police in each region during 2019/20 and 2020/21.

We realise that seeing a lot of disability hate crime in your area might be worrying. This is why we campaign every year to stamp out disability hate crime and help police understand disabled people better.

Areas with lots of disability hate crime could even mean that victims are getting better at reporting them to the police, and we would encourage anyone who experiences or witnesses a disability hate crime to speak out and tell the authorities.

Find out more

Our easy read guide to disability hate crime supports people to recognise the signs of hate crime and how to report it.

The True Vision website, where hate crimes should be reported, provides some fantastic resources including some in easy read format.