We seek to involve and represent the views of the people we support in all of our campaigning work.

We do this in a number of ways from surveying the people we support, to carrying out focus groups and supporting people to tell their story in the media.

Our news correspondent

In January 2015, we interviewed people that we support and appointed our first ever news correspondent to help us do this. Through our news correspondent’s regular video reports we are able share the views and opinions of people with disabilities on how Government announcements and what is happening in the news affects them.

Find out more about our news correspondent

Subscribe to United Response’s YouTube channel to see the issues that our news correspondent has been speaking to people about recently.

Accessible reports

Over the years, we have also worked with the people we support to produce a number of accessible reports on issues that are of interest to them from what good care looks like to the portrayal of people with disabilities in the media.