United Response news correspondent, David Allkins, was recruited at the beginning of 2015 to serve as our video journalist and online reporter for disability issues and related current affairs.

David, who has Asperger’s syndrome and communication difficulties, works alongside our campaigns team to produce these exclusive video interviews and special reports.

We are committed to ensuring that people with learning disabilities are able to advocate for themselves whenever possible, and use their own voices to promote change. To this end, David has established himself as an excellent communicator and highly professional journalist.

Our news correspondent was the first to interview the newly appointed Minister for Disabled People, Justin Tomlinson after the last General Election. He regularly speaks to and interviews government and opposition spokespersons for his reports, as well as commentators and disabled people to gather grassroots opinions.

David was a huge contributing factor to the success of our Every Vote Counts campaign. His films, covered the issue of making politics easier to understand for people with learning disabilities in the run-up to, and aftermath of, the 2015 UK General Election.

David’s reports on Every Vote Counts received support from across the political spectrum, and he embraced the opportunity to raise awareness among those in power, of the barriers to voting facing people with disabilities.

David said: “The mainstream media assumes that lots of people know about politics, but lots of people with learning disabilities find it difficult to understand. I wanted to make politics more accessible for these people.”

Within his role, David travels the country to speak with politicians, commentators and people with learning disabilities to shine a light on what needs to be done to boost voter turnout among people with disabilities in the election.

As well as reporting on key issues and policy which had an impact on people we support, David received video messages of support from all five main political party leaders, including Prime Minister, David Cameron.

Our news correspondent continues to report on disability issues with videos and blogs to raise awareness and exert influence on policy makers.

Watch David’s reports and sign up to United Response’s YouTube channel to see all his latest videos and find out about the issues he campaigns on.