A couple, both studying at Bristol University, are taking on their first marathon on 24 April to raise money for national disability charity, United Response.

Jim Lumsden, 25, is studying for a PhD in Psychology, but is taking time out of his busy schedule to run the London Marathon for United Response, with a goal of raising £1,500.

He will be running alongside his girlfriend, Florence Emond, 22, who is a medical student.

Despite winning her own place in the ballot for the London Marathon, Florence is helping Jim fundraise for the charity, which supports people with learning disabilities, physical disabilities, mental health needs and dementia to live the life they choose.

Jim said:

“I’ve been running for around five years now and Florence has been running forever. We’re both really busy training to be doctors, but preparing for the London Marathon has been really good for our relationship, because it means we spend a solid three hours every Sunday just running and talking, as well as groaning about our legs! It’s just really nice to carve that time out of our hectic schedules and know it’s protected.”

The couple are passionate about mental health care and this motivated their decision to run for United Response.

Jim said:

“My grandad suffers from dementia and I know the toll that caring for him takes on my grandma. It is clear to me that United Response understands that caring for people with complex needs requires a concerted effort, by both the person and the carer, in order to improve quality of life.

“As a medical student, Florence spends a great deal of her time in hospitals treating those who are chronically unwell or disabled. Treatment alone isn’t enough – you need support and personalised care. We both feel that United Response is a charity that really gets that.”