Disability charity launches unbiased, easy read guide to party manifestos ahead of the 2017 General Election

Disability charity, United Response, has today published a unique, unbiased, easy read guide to the main political parties’ manifestos ahead of the June general election.

Research carried out by United Response as part of its Every Vote Counts campaign, which was first launched back in 2008, shows that a lack of awareness about the right to vote, as well as difficulty in understanding information about politics and voting, are key barriers preventing people with learning disabilities from voting.

Ahead of the general election, United Response’s new easy read guide presents the key pledges from the seven main political parties in one document, making it easier to read and compare the parties’ promises on key issues.  

Front cover of the easy news 2017 manifesto special

Download the Easy News Manifesto Special [PDF]

It has been made as a special edition of Easy News, an award-winning magazine designed to make the news accessible for people with a learning disability.

The Easy News Manifesto Special summarises the key pledges made by the Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrats, Green Party, Plaid Cymru, the SNP and UKIP, using a combination of simple sentences and helpful images in an ‘easy read’ format.

It was produced with the support and guidance of people with learning disabilities, who are supported and employed by United Response.

Sarah Bartlett, United Response’s Head of Policy and Campaigns, said:

“The political manifestos are key to helping the public decide who to vote for, but they are often not accessible for people with a learning disability. Not all political parties have committed to producing easy read versions of their manifestos. Our Easy News Manifesto Special is the only guide to publish the key points from each party in one place and present the facts in an entirely unbiased way.

“By translating the key pledges from the main parties into easy read, and publishing them together in one unbiased booklet, we aim to make the manifestos easier to understand for people with a learning disability, so that they have the opportunity to make an informed decision on voting day.”

The Easy Read Manifesto Special is useful for anyone who is planning on voting, to understand and compare the pledges of each political party.

To download the Easy News Manifesto Special for free, visit: http://www.unitedresponse.org.uk/easy-news

To find out more about United Response’s Every Vote Counts campaign to make politics more accessible for people with a learning disability, visit: http://www.unitedresponse.org.uk/every-vote-counts