As a board member and member of the directors team, Mike shares responsibility for the strategic and day to day management of United Response.

Before joining United Response, Mike was Director of a Change Management consultancy for thirteen years. In this role he worked at a senior level across the private, independent and public sectors – with organisations such as HC One, Care Management Group, Barnet, Barking and Southwark Councils on major transformation projects.

Mike’s passion is in driving service transformation to deliver better outcomes for citizens, whilst making the most efficient use of public money. He believes community care has come a long way over the past three decades, but not far enough.

He says, “The next few years will be the most exciting yet, as we redesign the way services are delivered in partnership with citizens, communities, the public sector and business.

“That is our journey in United Response. It’s what gets me out of bed in the mornings. It is what makes United Response an amazing organisation to work for.”