At United Response, we believe that all behaviour is a form of communication that can tell us important things about the quality of a person’s life. This comprehensive booklet provides guidance on developing truly effective positive behaviour support plans.

We believe that the people we support have the right to have their behaviour recognised and responded to in a respectful, positive, person centred and professional manner – no matter how challenging it may be.

Positive Behaviour Support involves altering situations and events that people experience in order to increase their quality of life and reduce the likelihood that challenging behaviours will occur. It is an approach that blends the rights of people with disabilities with constructive behavioural approaches.

It enables support workers to understand when and why certain behaviours are likely and changes their context, as well as building the capacity and skills of the individual in question and those supporting them.

This 16-page guide to Positive Behaviour Support covers the definition of challenging behaviours and their triggers; identification of proactive and reactive support strategies; and plan implementation, monitoring and review.

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We also have a booklet on how Positive Behaviour Support and Active Support work together.

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