ROC Wellbeing Services are part of United Response. All monies raised through The ROC 5K will go to support ROC Welcome.

Top 10 tips to get you on track….

  1. Get started! The earlier the better. Begin by setting yourself a fundraising target to work towards.


  1. Set up an online fundraising page. Just select the 'start fundraising' button on the right hand side. 


  1. Offline donations? Use our sponsorship form and collect money on the spot, if you can, to save collecting it later.


  1. Ask your sponsors that are potentially most generous first, so others might be tempted to match or raise their amount.


  1. Spread the word! Use social media to keep people up to date on your training and fundraising. Add a link in your email signature to your fundraising page.


  1. Matched giving – check if your employer offers this and you could double your fundraising!


  1. Fundraise at work. Put a collection tin and a poster at reception, organise a bake sale, a sweepstake or even a fancy dress day in the office. Check out the United Response A-Z of fundraising ideas for more inspiration.


  1. Sponsor yourself! Start your own ROC5K penny jar and add it to your total at the end.


  1. If running 5k is something you do quite regularly, why not add a twist? Use ankle weights or wear outrageous fancy dress.


  1. Relate back to the cause to remind people why they should sponsor you. ROC Welcome supports over 150 people in Devon with learning disabilities. It promotes a kinder, safer and more inclusive Cornwall. But no funding means no ROC Welcome.  

Sign up to run the Roc 5K

If you’d like support or materials for your ROC5k fundraising you can contact Sarah Hampton on:

Email: [email protected]

Mobile: 07812 377110