Transition is specifically a time where young people with disabilities are integrating into adult life, going from children to adult services.

It can be an exciting yet a challenging time for young people and their families.

How we help

Many parents have told us that the scariest thing about transition is not knowing what’s going to happen once their child leaves children’s services. We offer a person centred approach to transition which focused on how the young person will:

  • Access and participate in their local community
  • Attend mainstream further education colleges
  • Find paid jobs and voluntary work opportunities and
  • Access a range of local interest groups and activities

We measure progress by short and long term goals we set with individuals to ensure that young people continuously develop and improve their skills.

Our transition guide

We have created a resource for those beginning to think about transition and plan for the future.

Download our Lost in Transition guide

Get support

If you would like to know more or are interested in the support we can provide to you or someone you know, please make a support enquiry.

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