Our disability hate crime campaign aims to help victims recognise the signs of a hate crime and empower them to report it.

Disability hate crime is a huge issue for people we support across the country. The government is introducing new measures to help tackle the issue, and MPs have also backed a petition signed by over 220,000 people calling on more protection online for disabled people. United Response is campaigning in a number of ways to support the government's efforts.

Disability hate crime training resource

We have created a free training resource and training pack, along with West Yorkshire Police, that aims to provide guidance to support workers, family members and friends of people with disabilities and autism. You will learn how to have conversations with people, explaining what a hate crime is in easy-to-understand language, and be given the tools to know how to report it to the authorities.

Download the Disability Hate Crime Training Resource (FREE)

How will this resource help you?

Rise in disability hate crime

We also aim to raise awareness of the rise in the number of incidents. Our research has shown that disability hate crime surged by a third in 2018. We also found that:

  • 2,271 hate crimes were recorded as ‘violence against the person’ – more than any other single type of crime – up 17%
  • Cases of fraud have seen the largest increase of any single offence category – up 1,050% (from four to 46)
  • Sexual offences have more than doubled from 70 to 152

Read our full disability hate crime report