Leasing a property to United Response makes things easier for you whilst increasing the range of sustainable housing options for people with disabilities.

If we lease from you, we will:

  • Take full responsibility for managing the property including collecting the rent, managing lettings and being responsible for void loss, administering tenancy agreements
  • Guarantee you long term, stable rental income, payable whether the property is fully occupied or not
  • Ensure that tenants are well supported, look after their home and respect their neighbours
  • Return of your property in a good condition at the end of the lease
  • If you want us to, take responsibility for day-to-day repairs and maintenance
  • Provide you with a model lease template and negotiate the content with you so that it meets both of our needs

If you want a long term and settled arrangement, guaranteed rental income and the chance to provide disabled people with a home of their own, we’d love to hear from you.