Easy News is the first news magazine designed to be accessible for people with learning disabilities. 

Easy News Issue 25 out now

Issue 25 of Easy News features the news of disabled people's problems using public transport, Donald Trump becoming President of the USA, President Trump's work during his first weeks in office, an update on Brexit, rail strikes in the UK, terror attacks around the world, Dippy the Dinosaur going on tour, the avalanche in Italy, Delta 7 releasing their first single, shock deaths over Christmas and Hull becoming the City of Culture in 2017.

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How do you get Easy News?

Easy News is published every two months and is available to download as a PDF online. The printed version of Easy News has been suspended whilst we look for further funding to cover the cost of printing and posting. Please make sure you receive the next issue of Easy News to your email, subscribe to our newsletter using the button below:

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Why make the news accessible?

Easy News aims to encourage discussion around news stories and keep readers informed about the world around them. Easy News uses simplified text and useful pictures to create accessible, politically neutral summaries of key news stories and events. 

The stories are selected and translated by UR Consultants, a group of people with learning disabilities and autism who are experts in easy read communication.

Who reads Easy News?

The award-winning Easy News has a regular readership of around 4,600 people, with four out of five saying that it is their primary source of news.  Subscribers include local authorities, schools, libraries, other charities, people with learning disabilities and their carers, and – of course – our own services across England and Wales. 

Since its launch in 2013, the magazine has gone from strength to strength. Our most recent survey of our Easy News readership found that

  • 99% of them feel they have a better understanding of what is happening in the world
  • 97% are now able to discuss current news events
  • 93% of respondents feel they are taking a greater interest in politics

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