“If someone asked me to describe Digby, I’d say he’s a really unique person,” says Julia, Service Manager at the Boot Shop, a United Response service in Easingwold where Digby is supported. “He’s one of those characters where he’s always telling you jokes.”

Digby has just celebrated his 15 year anniversary working at Tesco, a job he found through his mother approaching the supermarket chain. The pride is evident in Julia’s voice, but it’s not just Digby who’s celebrating the achievement: “All of his friends here had a little ceremony for him and gave him a card.”

We interviewed Digby to find out what he likes about his job, what he spends his money on, and how it felt to get an award.

What do you like about your Job?

I like doing a good service, helping people find things and talking to people most – but getting paid is also good.

What do you do there?

I work in the groceries section, helping people, filling and facing shelves (moving stock to the front of shelves, in Tesco speak).

How often do you go to work?

3 times a week: Monday, Friday and Saturday.

How does it feel to have your own money?

Really good, I get paid straight into the bank but I feel really chuffed.

I buy CDs – I love all music. Having my own money means I can buy more and get a discount (discount is important!) I have just bought Jools Holland and Now ‘98. I like to buy DVDs as well, lots of different genres, but lots of American stuff like NCIS and action films with Jason Statham.

Do you meet new people?

Yes, all the time, I know Matty and Chris from work who I chat and joke with. Sometimes friends come into the shop and I talk to them, but try to work at the same time. I don’t feel embarrassed, I treat them the same as everyone else.

Is it good to have a job?

Yes, but you need to find the right job. I go to work whatever the weather because it is my job and I wouldn’t get paid if I didn’t go. I am never late unless I forget my staff discount card and access card, then I have to dash home.

Do you need to learn new things?

Yes, I have to do Health and Safety, fire checks and work training. This is important.

How did you feel when you got your 15 year award?

I felt really excited and proud, I would like it in the paper.

Digby still loves his job, and plans to stay at Tesco for the time being. With his part-time job, his visits to the Boot Shop – where he learns about healthy eating and losing weight – and his passion for music, he’s got plenty to keep him busy.

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