We support seven people living in two neighbouring properties in Suffolk. Before the Covid pandemic, the residents were regular visitors in each other’s houses, sharing good times and meals together.

A number of the housemates are unable to communicate verbally, and therefore rely on facial and body expressions to communicate. Lockdown saw the residents become more anxious as they were unable to visit one another, communicate via phone or continue with their day to day activities.

Keeping People Connected

Thanks to donations to our Keeping People Connected campaign we were able to purchase two iPads for their use. This enabled the residents to communicate via video calls with both their friends in the neighbouring house and with their families.

In addition to the video calls, the iPads have also enabled the housemates to keep a daily log of their activity via photos and videos so they can let their family and friends know what they’ve been doing.

The residents have also had great fun taking part in arts and cooking classes run by other United Response services via the internet.

Thank you to everyone who contributed towards Keeping People Connected – your support has made sure that people can keep in touch with their friends and family during this difficult time.

You can still make a donation to help people like the residents of these two homes in Suffolk live their lives to the full.