United Response has attended the Winter Wonderwheels challenge for the last few years. The superheroes taking part must complete a 5km walk around the lake.

It’s an accessible event for people of all abilities.

The day is sponsored by Marvel and has a superhero theme. With rock choirs, celebrities and even Father Christmas, it’s a great day out for the whole family.

This year, it was United Response’s youngest fundraisers taking on the challenge. Bobby, 5, was dressed as Captain America and his cousin Tommy, 9, was your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman.

With such a big feat ahead of us, the normal breakfast of cereal and fruit was not going to cut it – we needed the ‘Golden Arches’! After a quick stop off at McDonald’s and a strange order of 10 hash browns, the team were back on the road to victory.

With window wipers on full speed and the heating on max, ‘The Young Avengers’ weren’t going to let poor weather conditions stop them.

Crowds and difficult weather

We reached Dorney Lake just after 11am. We headed to the registration tent to grab their race numbers and some hot chocolates, which were most appreciated!

While we waited patiently for the race to start, a familiar face appeared in the crowd. Our Finance Director Andy Ward had taken time out of his Sunday to cheer the boys on.

Andy (left) and Matt (right)

A voice over the sound system said: “Will all racers please make your way to the starting position…”

We saw it was The Incredible Hulk making the announcements! He was stood on a raised platform, calling all superheroes to the beginning of the race.

With one big shout, the race started… but so did the rain. There was also wind from the lake to battle with.

Left: Bobby dressed as Captain America
Right: The announcer dressed as Hulk and Matt as The Riddler

15 minutes in and there were already whispers of “how long left?” and “we should have brought an umbrella”… But The Young Avengers marched on.

Bobby and Tommy were cold and wet, but being superheroes, they were determined to fight past the fatigue.

Reaching the final stretch

After a quick hydration stop and a photo opportunity by the Olympics sign, we headed off once again.

The walk back to the beginning of the race was literally a breeze, because the wind was behind us and every step took us closer to the finish line!

At the end of the race, Bobby and Tommy received a goody bag with Marvel toys and a Marvel medal.

Bobby (left) and Tommy (right)

The Young Avengers are both extremely proud of what they achieved, having also raised over £550 for United Response.

If you’d like to show your support, you can still donate via their JustGiving page:

Fundraising for United Response

Bobby and Tommy have made such a difference.

The money raised will be used for people we support with learning disabilities and autism to go out on an outing with Bobby and Tommy, chosen by the Young Avengers themselves.

Watch out for the follow up story coming soon!

If The Young Avengers have inspired you to take on your own challenge, please contact our Fundraising team.