How we support people with physical disabilities

We will provide you with the support you want and need using techniques that will help you to be as actively engaged as possible with everything in your life.

We can provide you with as much or as little support as you need – whether it is for a few hours per week, a regular time each day, 24 hour care or anything in between.

What we can support people to do

We can support people with physical disabilities to:

  • Live independently – either on your own, with friends or family, or in shared accommodation. 
  • Enjoy the interests and hobbies you have and develop new ones.
  • Explore the use of assistive technology and adapting your home to help you live more independently.
  • Get a job or volunteer.
  • Manage your household bills and money.
  • Learn more skills.
  • Go on holiday. 
  • Keep in touch with the people who are important to you.

Our support will provide the following:

  • You will have choice and control at all times about what you do and how you are supported.
  • If you can’t speak, we will work with you to find out how you like to communicate. 
  • Where possible we will work with you to choose your support staff so they match your personality and interests.
  • We will support you to keep safe and healthy.
  • Your support plans will be regularly reviewed with you, so they can adapted as your needs and wishes change.

Get support

To find out more about being supported by United Response, please use our online form to make a support enquiry…