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Join the campaign to ask the government to increase funding for social care: easy read guide

The Care and Support Alliance (CSA) are campaigning to the government, asking them to increase funding for councils in the October Spending Review so they can provide quality social care support to more people. Here is an easy read guide to the campaign and how you can get involved…

Join the campaign to ask the government to increase funding for social care: easy read guide

Easy Read home

    1. The Care and Support Alliance (CSA) is a group that campaigns for a better funded social care system so that people can get the care that they need. A campaign is a plan to try and change something.

    2. When Boris Johnson became the UK Prime Minister in 2019, he said he would “fix social care”. When this didn’t seem to be happening, the CSA started a campaign called ‘Keep Your Promise Boris’ to remind people about it.

    3. You can read in this Easy News article about the bill that was passed on September 8th 2021 to increase national insurance to provide more social care and NHS funding.

    4. This will change the way that social care works, but some people are still worried that the plan isn’t right and that there won’t be enough money to give good care to the people who need it.

    5. The Conservative Party, who lead the government, are having a conference in Manchester at the start of October. The CSA think that this is a good chance to make the government think about doing things differently.

    6. The CSA need people to sign their petition for more money for social care. A petition is a request that is usually sent to the government. If the petition has enough people that sign it, the government will respond or talk about the issue in parliament.

    7. On 4th October, lots of people will use social media at the same time the chancellor makes his speech at the conference, to draw attention to the issue. The chancellor, currently Rishi Sunak, is the person who decides how money is spent by the government.

    8. Join the campaign and make a note to post or reshare on social media on the 4th October. Use the campaign hashtags #SocialCareCantWait and/or #DoesRishiReallyCare to help push our call for more funding for social care.

    9. At 11 o’clock in the morning on 15th October, lots of people will be posting on social media again. If lots of people do this at once, the hashtags might trend, which means even more people will see it and it might end up being reported in the news.

    10. Make a note to post on social media at 11am on 15th October with the campaign hashtags, and ask other people to do it too. You could tell a story about how good care has made a difference to you so that other people will understand that it is important.

    11. Thank you for being interested in this and for helping. If we work together, we can make sure that all the people who need it can get the best possible care.