ROC has Wellbeing services in Devon and Cornwall, which we can support you to attend.

ROC’s Wellbeing services offers you the opportunity to learn new and exciting skills and gain accredited learning qualifications at the same time. ROC has been previously known as Robert Owen Communities.

Indviduals on a stage play in Torbay.

ROC Creative Torbay

ROC Creative Torbay is one of the south west’s leading arts projects. You will be taught by specialist practitioners with a wide range of arts interests and professional experience. You will be encouraged to keep individual production journals which will show your creative journey.

There are also opportunities to work towards accredited learning qualifications in arts specialisms and personal and social development. ROC Creative provides an environment for you to be able to express yourself artistically, whatever your abilities or disabilities.

ROC Creative Telephone: 01803 526846

A group of kids with footballs in a posed group photo.

ROC Active

ROC Active is based in Torbay and Exeter and provides a number of sporting activities such as volleyball, badminton, swimming and also provides tailor made gym sessions. ROC Active wants to encourage healthy and active lifestyles through embedding weekly sports routines. It is hoped that this will help to build up confidence and ability in sport. It has been responsible for a succession of very successful 'inspirational multisport games events' in partnership with other providers and supported by Sport England.

ROC Active Torbay Telephone: 01803 550018

ROC Active Exeter Telephone: 01392 270875

A group of people using cutting boards in a kitchen.


Aspects is a community-based learning centre based in Paignton. ROC Aspects offer a number of learning programmes for individuals from the ages of 16 years and over who could gain qualifications such as Personal Social Development, Functional Skills (Literacy and
Numeracy) and Vocational Skills.

ROC Aspects Telephone: 01803 552955

ROC  Wellbeing, Honiton

ROC Wellbeing, Honiton is an exciting Honiton-based developmental arts project supporting and involving people with learning disabilities. It is staffed by specialist practitioners with a wide range of arts interests and professional experience.

They provide an environment for people to express themselves artistically - whatever their ability or disabilities. Join them for a free taster session - it's a great opportunity to learn new skills and make new friends!

For more information, call Mel Smart on 01404 43463 or email [email protected]  

A geeen photo of the Lower Sharpham Barton Farm.

Lower Sharpham Barton Farm (LSBF)

Lower Sharpham Barton Farm (LSBF) is set in a stunning location in the hills of Totnes. The farm offers opportunities to learn and develop farming and agricultural skills. The farm also offers wood and metal classes so that individuals can learn how to make different sculptures. The farm’s gardens has a beautiful view over a landscape which is an inspirational place for people to work.

Ambios has recently merged with the farm and has taken over all of the farming care and work alongside ROC Wellbeing to provide the best possible environment for our customers to work in. Individuals also look after the lively characters at the farm such as the horses, pigs, chickens and hens.

LSBF Telephone: 01803 732502

A group of pigs in the hay.

Boscawen Farm

Boscawen Farm is set on several acres of land in Truro. The farm hosts a large variety of animals and grows its own vegetables. Teachers from Truro and Cornwall College teach our customers Accredited Learning every Mondays and Fridays at the farm. The farm teaches a range of skills from farming, planting and growing vegetables to cooking and wood work. The farm holds animals such as pigs, sheep, goats, guinea pigs, ducks, ferrets, cows and even a bull.

Boscawen Farm Telephone: 01872 560530

ROC Welcome Social Club

ROC Welcome Social Club is possibly the largest of its type in Cornwall, with 150 members who have learning disabilities, 20 volunteers and an increasingly influential members’ steering group. Although the club is based at Truro College, some 50% of members now participate in community based activities outside club nights as we promote and encourage social and work place inclusion. There is no comparable alternative facility in the wider Truro area.

The primary needs the club aims to address are:

  • Social wellbeing and the prevention of social problems and/or isolation
  • Improved health and emotional wellbeing of members
  • An opportunity to exercise choice and control and make a positive contribution
  • Enhanced personal dignity and respect, free from discrimination or harassment
  • Respite break for carers and families
  • Community inclusion: improved understanding, acceptance and natural support

Joyce’s journey

We have a lady, Joyce* who travels on our bus from Camborne to the club every week. She has been coming to the club for years. Joyce is 58 and lives with her daughter who has a full time job. She tends to stay in her room and can’t cook – once she nearly set her house on fire! Joyce receives funded day time support.

A bad marriage led to Joyce having a mental breakdown; although she can read and write up to a point, she has memory problems and often retreats into a world of her own.

When she first started using the ROC bus 18 months ago Joyce would not speak to anyone. She would just hand over her money and sit down. For a few weeks we started asking her to hold her bus money for us; then we told other members to give their money to her. Joyce now has ownership of this task; she keeps a weekly list for us and takes a roll call when we are about to return home.

At the club, Joyce used to speak to only a select few people, and only very briefly; she tended to take part in craft because it is something she could do without reference to anyone else.

Fast forward to today: Joyce will speak to anyone. She helps out with the teas and coffee, the food when we have a party and took part in our flash mob dance for Halloween. Joyce absolutely loves our monthly ten pin bowling sessions at Truro Bowl.

And next? We want Joyce to take the step to being a club volunteer and to become part of the members’ steering group (to whom ROC is gradually transferring ownership of the club).

The club and its volunteers have been able to instil confidence into Joyce and belief she can fulfil certain roles, in which she has found purpose. Sharon, our club co-ordinator, regards Joyce as her PA! People say they can’t believe it’s the same lady!

*Name changed to preserve anonymity