Through training and employment, people gain opportunities to make friends, develop skills, and build their confidence.

This makes people aware of their own self-worth and allows them to prove what they are capable of, and to contribute to society. 

We believe in equal opportunities for all, and provide a range of training and employment opportunities for people with learning disabilities, mental health needs and physical disabilities in the York area.

United Response Training, Employment and Consultancy (TEC)

Our training centre and its skilled staff work towards the future employment of the people we support by developing the skills and knowledge they need for success.

We work alongside employers to look at all aspects of the job in question. This includes identifying shared goals, the expected standard, and the culture of the workplace. We then help communicate this to the new employee.

Before employment begins we can break down the tasks involved to carry out the job and work alongside employers to help ensure a suitable approach to training. We think this approach creates a comfortable working relationship and puts both parties at ease.

For the people we support

Job coaching

We provide a job coaching service that can help you to find success in your chosen career path. The training we offer covers everything from CV writing and job applications to interview techniques. We have helped people to secure paid work and voluntary positions in York Minster, Costa, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Fenwick, HMV and McDonalds, as well as a wide range of local businesses.

Travel training

Independent travel can be a huge obstacle when looking for employment opportunities. Our travel training programme is entirely person centred and we work with you one to one on specific routes so you can achieve the independence to travel where you need to go.

Café West and Krumbs Training Kitchen

Individuals with disabilities can also take advantage of supported work placements at Café West, which is located in the City of York Council West offices, and professional on-the-job catering training at the Krumbs Training Kitchen, both of which are run by United Response. 

Both services give trainees the opportunity to develop not only kitchen-based skills, but also customer service skills, depending on the needs and wants of the individual.

Our trainees receive as little or as much training as required. Progress is tracked regularly, with constant coaching given to boost success and development. Krumbs Training Kitchen is linked with Café West as a supplier.

Chris’s story:

With our support, Chris has secured himself a successful part-time contract at a busy Costa Coffee shop. Chris was supported in his training, putting in place skills such as prioritisation, personal organisation, time keeping and the confidence to communicate with his colleagues.

Chris started his role greeting customers and managing the floor area, keeping it clean and tidy and waiting on tables. He has progressed quickly and now works on the till and coffee machine as well.

Chris adapted to the culture of his working environment and came to understand why and how tasks were done in the Costa work place. His months of coaching involved learning his daily routine, how to complete his assigned tasks and, very importantly, how his role fit into the big picture.

Chris is now a valued and hard-working member of the Costa Coffee team, and feels huge job satisfaction in his role.

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For employers

We work closely with employers and can make ourselves available from the very start of the employment process.

Finding the right employee for you

We can work with employers seeking new staff and our clients seeking employment to find a good match. We can help with introductions and inductions and help manage expectations.

Before employment commences

We can study your employee’s job to understand your work culture, approved of methods and expected standards. We can also work alongside your company’s trainers to deliver effective instruction. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience we would like to share with you.

We share your goals

We support both the employee and employer to work together towards a healthy and productive working relationship. We believe strongly in open communication and will always work towards a positive learning experience for all involved.  

We're there when you need us

We provide workplace-based job coaching and observations to provide you with a second pair of eyes. We can help you tackle any issues before they become problems by suggesting reasonable adjustments.

Into the future

We are here to help and can provide our services to existing as well as new employees.  We aim to remove our support gradually over time as the employee settles in to their new role.

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United Response Consultants

TEC also run UR Consultants, which provides a service helping companies and organisations to make their documents accessible to people with a learning disability and/or limited literacy skills. Trainees have the chance to become part of this awareness-raising group of disability experts.

Find out more about UR Consultants

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