[Jo] I’ve supported Alison for the past six years. We have a very good relationship. We enjoy each other’s company when we go out to the shops. We go for coffee. She has a good sense of humour and enjoys being with people.

[Alison] Six years ago I think she’s been in my life now which is a long time. She’s got a nice sense of humour. Very talkative. Very good relationship with my family as well.

[Jo] Alison lives in supported living. She has her own flat. She enjoys a lot of company but she also enjoys her own space.

[Alison] I love living here. I love living on my own. I can get up on my own, in my own time and be independent as well.

[Jo] Alison enjoys living on her own. She still needs a lot of support to get the best out of everything but she needs that independence, to be her own person.

[Jo] United Response are very active in promoting person-centred thinking so that each service user has the right to support to suit them. They have the right to choose what they want to do, when they want to do it and also, who they have support them.

[Alison] Well I go to museums, I go to the library, I go shopping. I would be very bored in here, without her there. I wouldn’t get the stimulation. Help as well, it’s brilliant.

[Jo] I enjoy my work, I find it quite rewarding. It’s just nice to support someone to have a full life within the community. And I like to think I support her the best I can.