We do all sorts of things: how to condition the flowers which she’s enjoying, making bows – she’s a real wizard at bows – and watering the plants and things like that. So she’s been very useful and I’m hoping she’s enjoying it.

[Louise] I’ve been sorting out flowers like cutting them and taking off leaves and putting them into water and I’ve been using this to water plants. And I’ve been taught how to like make bows. And recently I’ve started also writing up cards and helping with writing down like names and addresses for orders.

I enjoy seeing the lovely people and I enjoyed doing their jobs. I’d say I’d really like to be a florist.

[Georgia] Learning different new skills like learning all the different size orders, been doing communication to customers. I learned to check if them is on sale or not.

I have served a few customers, like be polite and nice, and say hi to them, and ask them if they want a carrier bag or not.

To get a paid job, like with animals, children or working in a care home or in a retail job, I don’t mind.

She’s gained skills that she wouldn’t have done that she can add to her CV and she can always come back and see us if we’ve got a vacancy. It’s been enjoyable to have her here and she’s been really helpful.

[Francesca] I was a student for about a year before I went on my internship. It was all about, sort of, quality assurance and speaking to the people we support and some of our managers about the quality of support that we provide and where we need it.

I was quite fortunate in that they, United Response, offered me employment so that was quite a smooth transition. So my job is I do a lot of workaround person centred planning. So the survey is around, is for the people we support, around their experiences during lockdown and really giving them a chance for their voice to be heard.

A student myself, I sort of know what I would be happy to share and not share, so I think being able to put yourself in their shoes really does help to deliver the best job that you can.

[DJ Starnight] Super Sarah’s a DJ. She’s currently the resident DJ of Soho Bar, Park Lane, Foundry, Terrace Exeter, Fever and Boutique, and also DJ of the Lemon Grove as well.

She runs all the clubs around the Torbay vicinity area. I’ve been working with her, first time back in September, meeting her absolutely brilliantly and still growing really brilliant today, it’s still going strong. I’ve learned so much from her in the last few months. It’s incredible, absolutely incredible.

So the paid work I managed to get onto was to DJ in Park Lane, which is a big club in Torbay, a big night club. I’m doing Paignton Festival as well. We’re just organized through Rebecca, thank you Rebecca. Yeah and obviously I’m looking, really looking forward to doing more clubs and festivals in the near future.

Starting from in April a thousand plays on my first track going up to 15.1 which was “Kraken”. “Sunrise” – it released in June, managed to gain over nearly fifteen thousand plays. But when it came down to releasing my next track which was, like everyone obviously knows, was “Monster” as well that one went off like crazy.

For in at least in a month I nearly reached 20-30 000 plays, nearly in a month and obviously with the plays as well instead of just reaching from the UK it reached global countries from the United States, Canada, Mexico, Russia, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands.

Nearly everyone around the world has been listening to my music for obviously a short amount of time but it managed to spread quite quickly and hopefully to be looking at the future to become really successful about what I do as a DJ and music producer in the electronic dance music industry.