Rahman Kebbie is supported by United Response and is one of our Translations Consultants for Easy News.

He recently attended a Black Lives Matter protest in his home city of Manchester.

Here he talks about systematic racism, double discrimination and why he supports the Black Lives Matter movement.

Hi, my name is Rahman Kebbie and I want to tell you why I support Black Lives Matter.

The reason being is that it’s due to injustice that’s been going on towards black people for centuries and there’s also been a lot of police brutality that’s been going on for decades and honestly they have been felt that their voices have not been heard.

And we are trying to encourage a lot of people to speak out to say that a lot of black people can do so many things that others can’t. I mean like a black person can own their business, a black person can be a community leader, or a black person, whether it’s a male or female, could be a public speaker or whatever they feel they should be.

But because of the systematic racism, it feels that it marginalizes them and it feels like they are not being allowed and that they are being treated as second class citizens. So why we went to that protest is that we want to speak out to say no, enough’s enough. We’re not going to allow any more injustices. We are not going to allow inequality to define us all. We are not allowing racism to be part of that.

We are allowing people to speak out. We are allowing to have equality towards other people. We’re also allowed to have the same human rights as well as other people. And not see them as second class but to see them of their inner beauties of what black people can do and what they have and how they use it.

And I think it’s very important for other people who are non-black to try and educate themselves of what makes them and us different and seeing our beauties of what we can do because we have contributed a lot in society.

And I feel that if we look into it more, then other people can have the encouragement to be educated and try and look on both sides so we can make an equal and fairer society.

Especially for me as a black autistic man who’s suffered a lot of racism not only because of the colour of my skin but because of my autism. And people saw that as a barrier because they felt that someone who has autism but is black, they always see it as “oh he’s just a misbehaved person” or “he’s very noisy” or “he does inappropriate things”.

But they failed to look on the beauty side of that person, of what he can do and what he can’t do and they don’t even tend to look at someone’s character.

And I think you should be judging on people’s character. Not based off someone’s skin or someone’s disability. No, judge that person’s character, see what they have and then you decide to make your own opinion. And that’s very important, not just for us but for everyone else around the world and that’s why we are speaking out against inequality, injustice and racism.

And I feel this is very important why we should try and make this change and these protests will not stop until the change is actually going to be coming and also it has to be effective.

That’s why I’m supporting Black Lives matter. Thanks.

Watch here: Rahman – why I support Black Lives Matter