My name’s Kim Marsh and I’ve been working with Tatiana for just under a year now.

She works on the first floor and ladies fashions with us.

Her duties mainly are helping at rails, fitting room duties and generally customer service within first floor.

She also carries a device, like we all do, which obviously we can then check stock for customers and see availability.

My name’s Robina White. As with all new partners joining us on the shop floor, we have something that we call a buddy system.

I was highlighted as the buddy. I think she’s a very confident lady anyway, which really helped Tatiana in incorporating her in the department, because she is a very positive and she’s a very determined lady.

My name’s Adam and I’ve had the pleasure of managing Tatiana now for the last year.

Some people get worried because they assume that if they can’t do sign language that they’re going to get flustered and not be able to communicate.

However when you meet Tatiana you know straight away that she is great at lip reading and you can write things down, you can use your phone. There’s so many different tools we have that means that communication isn’t an issue at all.

It’s clear that Tatiana has developed into a respected member of that Fashion Team.

Yeah, she’s a joy to have around.

[Tatiana] Yes, I’m happy, happy, happy.

My confidence has improved loads and I’m really proud. I know that I’ve learnt lots of new things.

And I’m smart and I’m professional and my hair looks nice and I meet lots of people and talk and say good morning and good afternoon and work, work hard – always working hard.

Yeah, it’s really good. Thank you.