Here we can see that Tom is actually quite able to do a lot of this himself, isn’t he, and another member of staff is with Robert, who needs a little bit more support.

Thank you very much.

Thank you.

So jobs like this act as a vehicle for people to be out in their community, connecting with people, and making a valuable contribution.

Done that.

Post it through the letter box because I don’t think anybody’s in.

Fold it in half again Robbie.

Hi Tom.

Man in queue.

You giving me one?

Yeah go on then.

These moments – the guy in the van – it’s just brilliant. You know, someone driving past and shouting hello. It’s enabled these people to become really well known, and to be seen in their community. It’s fantastic.


Here this member of staff is just having to give him a bit more help because this letter box appears to be a bit more tricky.

Come on Robert John David.

Thank you very much. Take care.

See you.



I like the way the member of staff stays outside because it actually means that the person interacts with the individual rather than with the member of staff which is more tempting to do I think if the member of staff is there.

Thank you very much.

How are you Tom?

I’m good, you?

I think this job here is getting good. I’m looking for the dollars. Like, about £21.10 I think. Looking good.