Do you want to tell me about what you’re doing at ROC College at the moment?

So I’m currently on a traineeship.

So can you explain to me about how the college works for you?

So it’s very sort of community based, so we do a lot of travel training, a lot of work experience. Which is great ‘cause you’re not always in a classroom environment. You’re out in the community, in the big wide world. And I think it gets you prepared for later on in life

Alright, so what do you feel has been the biggest thing about going to ROC College for you, the difference from coming to school to college?

You’ve got more options, it’s more varied, and I think you’re more able to come into your own a lot more

Yeah and it feels it feels different from being at school because you’re more in an adult environment learning, aren’t you?

Yeah, and you get treated like an adult, so therefore you get more responsibility

And what’s the biggest thing you think that you’ve got out of coming to ROC College?


Your confidence has grown?

Hands down, confidence! For example, I went to an interview completely on my own so for me that is a big step forward.

Because you got the job, didn’t you?

Yeah, I got it!

And what are you going to be doing in your job?

I am a quality checker.

Quality checker?

So what we do is we look at NHS services, what they’re doing well and how we can help them improve.

So what skills do you think you’ve learned at ROC College that will help you in your job?

Definitely confidence, and communication is a big one

So if you could sum up ROC College, or college experience, what would you say about it?

Amazing! I would definitely recommend it to anyone that I thought would benefit from it.

Great, thank you.