To achieve this, we use a number of tools and approaches that place the individual at the centre of their support and help us understand their preferences, needs, aims and aspirations – find out more about our person centred approach.

For over 40 years we have been at the forefront of efforts to deliver the best possible support to people with complex and multiple disabilities, as well as pioneering innovative approaches that increase meaning, enjoyment, choice and control. These approaches are all core to how we deliver support.

Our core approaches include:

Foundations of Good Support
The Foundations of Good Support is a step by step guide to assessing the quality of support being provided for people with learning disabilities and/or autism, and identifying what might need changing in order to improve it.

Active support
We are pioneers in the active support approach. This is a way of enabling people with even the most complex needs to participate in all aspects of their lives, so they can be as independent as possible.

Effective communication is key to building relationships, getting needs fulfilled, sharing instructions and expressing choices. We believe that taking the time to learn how people with disabilities communicate in different situations is key to being able to deliver effective person centred support.

Person centred thinking
Our person centred thinking tools help staff take a creative approach to listening to what people say through their words and behaviour. These tools help us to review what is working and not working for each person, so that support can be developed and improved.

Working with communities
We know that people we support are safer, healthier and enjoy more opportunities when their lives include a broad network of people. Our staff nurture the interests and aspirations of the people we support, building on these passions to create opportunities to participate in the local community and develop their own relationships. Access our Working with Communities resources.

Person centred planning
Person centred planning is a tool that helps people we support plan for what they want to happen now and in the future (with the help of a trusted relative or friend, if required). The plans are designed to be flexible, setting no limits to the person’s wants, needs and dreams of where their life will take them.

Our specialist approaches

When people need us to, we will utilise a number of specialist approaches so we can deliver support in a way that works best for each individual.

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