By leaving a gift in your will, you can help ensure that United Response can continue to support some of the most vulnerable people living in the UK.

We currently support over 3000 people with learning disabilities, physical disabilitiesmental health needs, dementia and autism, supporting an increasing number of people with complex needs that other organisations cannot always reach.

Did you know that gifts in wills are one of our most vital sources of income? This support enables us to make a difference to people’s lives that couldn’t be delivered with statutory funding. 

The difference you can make

Remembering United Response in your will can be life-changing for the people we support. With your help, we can give someone their independence.

  • For those who are able, you can ensure someone who wants to work can learn the skills to help them into employment, or help young adults make choices to go to university or college.
  • For the large number of people we support with more complex needs, you can help fund a piece of equipment which can greatly enhance their lives.
  • For someone who has little or no verbal communication, a piece of equipment to communicate even the simplest of needs is vital.
  • You can help fund projects which reduce isolation and help people make connections in their community by increasing others’ understanding of disability and mental health. 

All of what we do circles around helping people make choices about their lives, choices that they never realised were an option for them before. Let’s work together to ensure people with disabilities, mental health needs, autism and dementia, can live the lives they deserve long in to the future.

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Remember A Charity

Remember a charity in your will. Help the work live on...
United Response is proud to be joining up with other charities across the UK this year to take part in Remember a Charity week 11-17th September. The week gives people the opportunity to consider whether, once they have taken care of family and friends, they also want to leave a gift to support a cause that’s important to them.

To celebrate this year, Remember a Charity have brought legendary Pirate DJ Emperor Rosko out of retirement for one last radio show: Last Pirate FM.

Last Pirate FM launched on digital radio at 10am on Monday 11th September. They are asking people to have their say about the world they want to pass on. During the week we will be asking our supporters about their vision of the future, and sharing what the people we support like about their life. 

The Remember A Charity website contains lots of information and guidance for those thinking about leaving a gift to charity in their will, including a downloadable Will-Writing Guide and a directory of Wills and probate solicitors.