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Easy News: Neil Simpson wins gold for Great Britain at the Winter Paralympic Games 2022

This Easy News story is about the Winter Paralympic Games 2022 which took place in China. It was translated by Kieran.

Easy News: Neil Simpson wins gold for Great Britain at the Winter Paralympic Games 2022

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    1. The Winter Paralympic Games began on March 4th, 2022 in Beijing, China.

    2. Disabled athletes competed in 6 different winter sports. Compete means to take part in a sport or game with the aim of winning.

    3. 3 of the winter sports are Alpine skiing, cross country skiing and the Biathlon – this is a combination of skiing and target shooting.

    4. The other 3 winter sports are Para ice hockey, snowboarding and wheelchair curling.

    5. There were 78 gold medals to be won.

    6. Some people did not agree with the Paralympic Games being hosted by China. There are worries about how China treats its citizens – people who live there.

    7. A decision was made not to allow Russian athletes to compete. This is because Russia has invaded Ukraine.

    8. There were 600 athletes from around the world taking part in the competition.

    9. Azerbaijan, Israel and Puerto Rico were the countries competing in the Winter Paralympic Games for the first time.

    10. The Winter Paralympic Games took part across 3 different locations. One was Beijing, the capital city of China.

    11. China placed 1st in the results, with a total of 61 gold, silver and bronze medals. 18 of those medals were gold.

    12. Ukraine came in 2nd, earning 29 medals. 11 were gold.

    13. Canada placed 3rd, securing 25 medals. 8 were gold.

    14. Great Britain placed 14th with 6 medals. 1 of them was gold, 1 was silver, and 4 were bronze.

    15. Great Britain's gold medal was won by Neil Simpson, who is visually impaired. This means he is unable to see as well as most people. It was awarded for alpine skiing.

    16. Great Britain's silver medal and a bronze medal were won by Menna Fitzpatrick, who is also visually impaired. They were also awarded for alpine skiing.

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