Based in five locations around the country and able to work for you remotely, UR Consultants is a unique service providing bespoke disability awareness training and consultancy at realistic rates.

The service was set up to provide a range of practical solutions for businesses, companies and organisations to help them communicate better with people with learning disabilities and autism. In doing so, the service is making sure that people with learning disabilities are more included in society.

All of our expert UR Consultants have learning disabilities and/or autism themselves, ensuring that your communications will reach this group.

Services offered include:

Making information accessible

Making information accessible

We can make documents 'accessible' to people with a learning disability and people with limited literacy skills.

We 'translate' the information you give us, making it easier to understand and more accessible, or create it from scratch.

For an example of our high-quality work, check out our award-winning Easy News magazine.

One of the UR consultants at his desk

Consultancy and auditing

UR Consultants can give you professional, impartial advice on how to make your organisation more learning disability friendly. 

We can carry out an audit of your workplace to check out both physical accessibility (e.g. wheelchair access) and signage.

We can also audit the information you provide about your company or in your work place.


UR Consultants specialises in providing bespoke disability training, designed to give people the skills they need to work well with disabled people. People with learning disabilities and autism themselves have created and lead the training.

What customers say about UR Consultants training services:

  • “The training was good. I now have a better understanding of learning disability and taking hate crime reports.”
  • “The whole presentation was really good and very informative.”

Meet some of our UR Consultants

In this video, we interview some of our UR Consultants and they discuss the type of work they do.


Prices start at £40/hour, but please contact us with more details of your needs to receive an accurate quote.

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We can offer learning disability or autism awareness training from any of the following branches. In addition, our easy read translation and document/signage auditing services can be conducted remotely, wherever you are in the UK.

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