Every Vote Counts booklets

The booklets have been created to be a tool for discussion; to be used with people in either a one to one or group setting, with the aim of encouraging conversation and thinking about the difference that politics makes to all of our lives.

The first booklet, How politics affects your life, explains how the law works, the basic rights of all people and how these things impact our lives on a daily basis.

The second booklet, How politics works, explains how MPs are elected and how they can help the community, as well as explanations of devolution, the role of the European Union and what Britain’s decision to leave the European Union means. The booklet also explains the work of political parties, and how the House of Lords and the Queen are involved in decision-making.

The third booklet, How to get involved, outlines the voting process in different elections, different ways that people can use their vote and looks at what is a referendum. There is also information about joining a political party and about getting involved in campaigning.

The three easy read booklets, are also accompanied by a supporter’s booklet, which provides information on how to help someone with learning disabilities get more involved in politics and voting. The booklet covers topics such as bias and mental capacity.

All four of the booklets are available as free PDFs:

Every Vote Counts website

Alongside the booklets, we have also created an accessible Every Vote Counts website, where you can find extra information about politics and voting.

The website includes a short animation on voting, as well as dedicated sections for anyone wanting to help someone with learning disabilities to use their vote, and for politicians looking to make their information easier to understand for people with learning disabilities.

Please do get in touch to tell us how you have you used the Every Vote Counts resources and website.

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